How do I make rounded corners on a square or rectangle?

This might be a stupid question but I’m new how do you make rounded corners on a square rectangle I didn’t see any option that I could see?

I made a rectangle and then I chamfered the edges in a kind of made it look like the effect I’m looking for unless that’s how you do it


in direct modeling, the philosophy is to make the sketch as simple as possible and do the maximum directly on the shape, so what you did is right in the spirit of direct modeling.

Sometime, it is convenient to do rounded edges on the sketch, so basically, you have to draw a rectangle and then modify each corner by adding an arc of a circle or a circle (a way or the other) and trim the unwanted part of the sketch.

Here is a short video that shows you 4 ways of doing it.

Be aware that the solution with the control spline creates elliptic rounded, not circular rounding, but it is convenient, smooth and tangent to the lines.


Thank you this helped a great deal! I know it’s simple i just assumed they would have such a tool to make them rounded…

ok got a problem on the square circle thing, my circles are not lining up with my square, or they snap to slightly off? what am i doing wrong? same thing with my arcs they won’t snap to the square…any ideas?

either the square is not aligned with the grid or you have to zoom more.
The best way to proceed is to lock the square, draw the circles inside the square with the correct diameter and then make the circle tangent to 2 sides of the square.
Please, have a look at the original video from seconds 24 to 44.