Save 2d planes with measurements

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing

Hi there,
spend a day drawing my first model, looks nearly perfect to me, now I want to save it as a pdf with dimensions and send to a manufacturer to build this wonderful stuff :slight_smile: okay, turned out I need to buy a pro version - no problem if that’s the only constraint. Okay, I’m on pro now, how do I save my 2d planes with measurements? I tried saving to DXF but it gives me only ugly sketches. I kept some of my sketched (not all of them) and they are super simple as suggested in the lessons it’s better to keep them rather simple and then alter shapes in 3d, that’s what I did. Seems like my model is now stuck in my iPad with no further use for it :frowning: very disappointing… please tell me I’m just doing something wrong and there is an easy way to print/save my 2d planes (left/right/top/bottom that’s all need) with dimensions.
Many thanks.



Click on a Dimension and hit the Padlock Icon to Lock the Dimension
Repeat as necessary.
Take an Apple Style ScreenShot of your Sketch.

Not ideal especially if you pay for a ‘Pro’ version :frowning:

Please bear in mind that I am only a Pro Subscribing Member, not a member of the S3D Team.
The following is my own personal view and prospective Subscribers have to make their own choices.
Note that the Terminology used is that of S3D, and not my own. I am absolutely not attempting to ‘sell’.

I agree with you, please see:

The above and a whole host of other Threads that, like yours, want to see improvements.

However this has to be taken in context with all the aspects of having the ability to create 3D Designs on iPads that support Apple Pencil, especially considering the versatility, quality and cost of creating the output. The S3D learning curve is relatively short.
The initial investment for Hardware + Software was a very serious consideration in my case.
I was encouraged by the rapid development schedule, multiple possibilities for those with personal ability to find workarounds and rapidly achieve the desired result.
Desktop Software requires very deep pockets, stuffed with funds, or commercial viability to be affordable by those who can commit to an extensive learning curve.

Given that no condition is permanent, e.g., continual OS development, ALL Software Developers have to play keep up or catch up. Meaning that it is unlikely that from every Users point of view no Software Package will be absolutely perfect?

Well, I get all of that, investments, time, people, ROI, etc… yeah we’re all into that… What I don’t get is exporting stuff as images with no dimensions… to me it seems like a default ‘feature’ not even a feature to be honest just a something you would have in such apps by default, like air we breath… Unless, there are some sort of marketing and/or commercials behind the scenes. If you consider this app as nice toy that allows you to sit and relax while making some models which then later on you to may want upload to your $10k PC/Mac and open in a $10k/year CAD software to finish then yes… you don’t need dimensions on an iOS app.
For those who don’t have desktop CADs and need something like this amazing iOS based app no dimensions on exported images seems like mockery. IMHO.

I tend to agree some of the previous feature focus and when you look at some of the older videos also show you how to export and fix in other CAD diagrams, I am hoping that this is part of the product evolution to become a useful stand alone system.
Personally i use shapr3d for 3d printing and export to STL has worked great,. maybe the feature roadmap will include useful 2D exports soon.

Hi Den, we are already working towards having this available in the app and there is no release ETA yet.

A rough workround in the interim, can be following Gelphyn’s suugestion or exporting to model to another CAD tool that supports this feature in STEP or IGES format.
Here’s a short video on this collaborating Shapr3d and Fusion360:

Thanks Victor, I’ll buy a yearly subscription as soon as you release ‘Export to PDF with measurements’ feature :smiley: will vote with my dollar so to speak… until then, well… great app anyway but kinda useless for amateurs like myself.

I am a craftman working with projects of many size and type. Have always needed a practical and easy solutions. To communicate with collaborators or just to find out some spesific measurement or angle.
Today in this forum i read how to get measurement in screen shot. By tapping the measures and lock them. That is how you get multiple measures on screen shot.
This makes my life very much easier since i do not have to send print or dwg to another app for annotation with measures.

Think i take a beer to celebrate :slight_smile:

Once again, Thank you very much!


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Yeah!! Right??
I Do The Same!!! :grinning:

It’s Vhb pads I ordered for a project

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UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing