Save-out part of your model, compared to having to save it fully every time

Is this possible?

Do you mean into a separate design? You can do that if you hide all but the objects you want to save and export (not save) as a Shapr 3D design, selecting the “do not export hidden objects” (or some wording to that effect) export option.

That’s a lot of work when you are having complex files.

Yes that’s true, when you have a very large model - pushing the boundaries of slowing response times down.
They really need to fix this I recon.

I’m constantly making new folders to put everything in, so I can turn it all off just to export a one off part of a design I’d like the explore further in a new model.

It feels like a long process sometimes.

Folders are definitely the way to go at present for complex designs. The developers could easily fix that by providing an isolate/unisolate option when selecting an object or folder.

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I definitely agree

In my experience the fastes way of copying one object from a complex file to a new file is by duplicating the file and then selecting all and unselecting the piece you want to keep . Then delete everything else and rename the file.

Thanks Sander I’ll try that

At the end of the day it’s still amazing to be able to be totally mobile with my m1 iPad, developing desktop quality models without being frozen in the one seating position.
I just hope developers at shapr3d can work on the fundamental workflow limitations based on limited file size.

I’m building a slide on camper and separate trailer but I can’t view both in the same environment because files are too big.
It would be fantastic if you could reference one large file into the other for viewing only!
Similar to AutoCAD 3d and many other 3d programs.

What do you mean by limited file size?

Hi Istvan,

From what I have read on your forum, when shapr3d files get too large the latest M1 iPad Pro takes too long to respond to simple commands.

I also support that situation from my use of the software, as I indicated in my recent post.

I’m building a slide-on camper and separate trailer to carry the camper, but I can’t view both in the same model/environment, because when combined the file is too large for the iPad or software to handle.

I originally had the trailer and the camper in the same model/environment before I started designing the finer details.

As the model grew it was clear (from ridiculous wait times of cad commands), I could not have that many entities in the same model/environment.

My suggestion.

It would be fantastic if you could reference one large file (or many small files) into another model for viewing only! To lighten the load and enable the entire project to be viewed together.

Similar to AutoCAD 3d and many other 3d programs.

The other point I was trying to get answers to in my post, was when trying to create a new model of a singular entity in a large Existing model, it is a difficult and a drawn out task which inhibits the flow of thought in the design process I believe.

Thanks for responding.

This should not happen unless you have thousands of parts with many many sketches. If you experience a performance issue liek this, please contact

As I explained this is a constant issue. Is there anything in your roadmap to enable a referenced shapr3D file into another?