Saving undo history

I’m sure this has been requested before, but I can’t find anything more recent than 2016 in the forum, so here goes:

Please add undo history to the saved document state. I’m not asking for a Photoshop history palette or a Fusion360 design tree, nice as those would be. I just want to open a design or import a .shapr file and be immediately able to undo back to the beginning.

Why is this important? Well, as designs get more complex, it becomes easier to back oneself into a corner that can only be escaped by undoing several steps. You might union two bodies before filleting an edge, and now the operation is impossible. Or you might delete a sketch and then need it back later. If you have undo history, you can salvage things. But if you’ve closed and reopened the document, you have no option but to start over from scratch.

Also, it’s very easy to invoke an operation that runs for a long time or indefinitely, effectively hanging the app. It’s hard to predict what operations will hang or fail or just take hours when performed in the wrong order, and these states are indistinguishable since there is no progress bar. So undoing is the only way to try a different order, but when the app is spinning its wheels, all you can do is force-quit and relaunch — nuking your undo history — or wait an indeterminate amount of time hoping your work turns out not to be lost. It feels like a minefield sometimes.

I find that the only way I can use Shapr for big projects without constantly worrying about data loss is to save duplicates of my project after every step. Obviously this isn’t sustainable, so I still lose chunks of progress all the time. But if undo were persistent, I wouldn’t have to worry, and as a bonus I’d be able to “branch” designs more effectively: undo to a known good state, save a duplicate, then redo back to where I was. None of this is possible now. Persistent undo history would help enormously.


I should add that my last example (undo, duplicate, redo) DOES work if you’re extremely careful not to open the duplicate after creating it. Opening a different document is a destructive act in Shapr3D, yet there are no warnings! It shouldn’t be this way.

@dwineman I’ve thought about this as well, and you hit all the points I would make regarding undo history.
Very well said.
This has been I concern of mine also. I have many copies of the same project at various states just to be able to safely return to a point if I took a wrong turn in a complex design. This is cumbersome to keep track of.

I would figure a record of history would make project files very large, in which case I have no problem with personally.

Maybe a snapshot history? Like in photoshop, you can take a snapshot of a point in the process manually, instead of every single step?

Keep the step by step history while the project is actively edited which would clear upon closing, but attach the snapshot history to the file? Just spitballing ideas…

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