Undo steps history

Still getting used to the nuiansces of the program, but enjoying the learning curve!
One question, that I believe has been raised before some years ago. If I go out of a design and re-enter it after it syncs, it appears that I can still go back through my undo history, however if I go out of a design and it syncs, but then go into another design before I re-enter the original one, I have no undo history, it is blocked/removed…If I go out of S3D and back likewise, all history/undo steps lost. Why is this? Can anyone help and tell me if I am doing something wrong? Thanks in advance

You aren’t doing anything wrong, this is how it works at the moment. Can you explain your workflow so that we can better understand how to solve this problem? How are you using Shapr3D on multiple devices?

Hi Istvan thanks for replying
No, basically doing everything from the iPad, every now and again I will login also with the computer. I also save copies of designs at the end of each session.
Would this option be a future update? I think I read somewhere yesterday that it was in the pipeline to add parametric function as well as a tree menu…

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