Scale by order of magnitude

Weird situation where I have modified a step file from a friend, and did not realize they modeled in meters(it should be in mm). So when I save as a .step and go to export, I then am importing this file into another file of a full build of something I want to make sure fits properly but that item is scaled in mm(as it should be).

I have tried scaling by a factor of 0.001 on my item or even scaling the other item up by 1000x by nothing seems to work?

What am I missing to overcome this problem without redesigning my item? Ultimately I just need to “fitcheck” but one is meters one is mm, and I need to get either one smaller or larger so I can check. When I 3d print my files I can easily export STL in mm and it 3d prints fine.

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What was the issue when you used scaling? Did it fail with an error message?

Scaling could be problematic, especially when there are lots of details.

it just simply gives an error saying operation cannot be completed. Its probably too complex to scale by an order of magnitude, it just seems I should be able to scale this down from M to mm.

There are many small details, especially small filleted edges, that are usually problematic to scale.

If you don’t want to modify it, the easiest solution I can think of is exporting it now as STL while the workspace’s units are in mm, and since it’s a unitless format, when you import it back as a new project, you will be asked what are the units of the file. At that point, you can select meter, and so your model will fit correctly.

Nice model.

Yeah that is going to be the reason then, there is a lot of filleted edges indeed lol.

Ultimately its going inside a video game controller, I would be able to move/rotate/align the part into a .step file of the actual controller with all of its inner workings and really be able to verify fitment.

In this situation, its probably not worth my time so ill test fit a little more IRL on a few prints but it seems like it fits anyways fine!

Thanks for your time!

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