Screw threads and text?

I’m new to Shapr3D and very much enjoying this app.
2 things that seem to be missing as features are:

  1. a quick way to make a screw thread, as either the screw its self or an internal thread, and
  2. Insert text from a list of available fonts

I was wondering if these features are on the developer’s to-do list, or perhaps these are not often required features of the majority of the community?

I would love this functionality. I hope they can include it. Also the chamfer is set to 45 degrees. Air would be nice to specify depth and width for chamfer.

You can import any screw from Grainer or McMaster-Carr, then subtract it.

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Hi Jason! These are on our roadmap.

For letters, in the interim, a user created a workspace with all alphabets. You can import the workspace into your design and then project letters to a face using the Project tool.

Here’s the thread where you can find the alphabets workspace: