Select All Visible objects

I have made a few changes and version updates, along the way I have used the group all function in the folder menu to organize my files, and that has worked out fine. So is there a way to select all visible objects so I can group them together into a single folder.
Or select all visible objects and make a copy for export folder. I have looked but I don’t see anything to accomplish this task, have I missed something.

I must be adding to much details in my explanation. I’m trying to export just the visible objects to an stl. file, with out deleting all the unused files.

If you want to export as STL, anything that is visible in your workspace can be exported as one file. You will then have multiple objects in one STL file. You don’t have to delete other objects that are hidden. Again, only those objects visible in your workspace will be exported. That goes for other file formats as well. The only caveat is exporting as Shapr3D as it will export all objects, sketches, planes into one file. Think if it as making a Shapr3D backup file.

Why export as STL? If you want to archive, the better format is X_T (Parasolid).

Thanks for the info, the reason I need to make an stl. file is the prototype company I’m working with uses stl. for the 3d printing as well as the cnc . I’m working on a patent and almost to the end.