Unable to export single objects

Hello there.

I’ve just encountered an issue where my exported files always include all the objects within my scene, and not only the visible ones like they used to when I tried the same method a few weeks ago. I tried to find some answers online but I don’t see anything.

I’ve tried multiple exportion formats but all produce the same result, by exporting all my objects at once.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Tried it, didn’t change anything.
Exported files still contain everything, including hidden objects.

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Sorry, I deleted my reply because it didn’t work of me either. I thought I had done it that way in the past but I remembered this was the way `I had to do it after first deleting the objects I didn’t want to export.

The only way I can do it now is to do just that… make a duplicate of the project then delete any unwanted objects keeping only the desired ones then export that.

It’s a shame that there isn’t a feature whereby we can export only a specific highlighted object.

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But that’s the issue here, I used to be able to do it just a few weeks ago… This is ridiculous xD

Thanks for the help though, I’ll keep looking for a solution.

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Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. I’m just as frustrated too :slightly_frowning_face:

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This seemed to work before but I tried it after responding to @loldbNico just to double check I had given him the right information but it didn’t work.

I isolated everything except for the model I wanted to keep then exported but it exported the entire workspace with everything including hidden models.

i had to do this to get it working today, Delete all objest that u dont want to export, export the ones u need to keep, then Control and Z to undelete the objs… does work


But be aware that you should duplicate your design first, because if you quit the app by mistake or if the app crashes before you hit control z to undo the delete action, you would loose the deleted objects without any way to recover them.

@Laci_K I think the isolate not working any more for export is a regression.


Thanks, it indeed seems to be the case, we will check what’s going on.


Well, I’ve just tested it right now with MacOS Version 5.170.0 (3557) and Isolation works fine for all export format.
(exception is .shapr which always exports everything but this is probably the expected behaviour?)

So it depends on version and platform?


Ah, I assumed it would be the same for .shapr files too. I haven’t even tested the other file formats.
I’m sure though it’s worked in the past with .shapr files… or maybe I’m just delusional :flushed:

.shapr files should contain all modeling elements that are placed in the workspace. They can be hidden or isolated in which state the items will remain during the export. Other file formats however should only transfer the shown items.

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That explains it… I must have exported in a different format in the past without realising and assumed .shapr files exported the same way. Oop!

Thanks @KPeter for the clarification on this matter.

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My issue on windows is that obviously all file formats began working like shapr format, which they haven’t in the past. I’m trying to work on my design in blender, so naturally I exported to object format, but as explained in my post, no matter the format, all files contain all elements as a single items, including the hidden ones.

I see, my answer was intended to answer the question related to the .shapr format. As @Laci_K said, we are on it to fix the issue.


Which format are you having this problem?

Nope, that is intended, at the moment the .shapr format always contains everything, and it always did.

Or export the body you want to reuse in x_t, and then you can reuse it any time, as it’s a native Parasolid format.

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