Select entire sketch

I’m making a model of a building. It’s fairly simple, a storyboard for a short animation. I’ve drawn a floor plan sketch which is all contained within a larger square. My first action is to transform the entire sketch to create a ground solid. But I’m dismayed to discover I can’t select the entire sketch and transform it as one. instead, I must select every single wall and section. Surely there’s a way to select the entire sketch and transform it as a first step, then drag up the walls separately to different heights?

Unfortunately there isn’t. That sucks, right? We know, and actually this is going to be fixed very soon. Or actually you can select groups when you are transforming bodies, by tapping on the “groups” button in the help text, that might help.

Ok, I’ll give it a try.

Just realised that I would lose the underlying plan if I raised the sketch as a whole, anyhow. The one surfaced raised no longer contains the sketch. Makes sense I guess. It’s just a matter of working out the best process.

Sketching workflows, handling construction planes, etc. will be vastly improved very soon.