Selecting objects problems

Hello. After updating to the last version I’m experiencing problems selecting objects in top, front, view. I need to tilt a little the object to be able to select it. Is there any solution to this issue?

In 2D mode you can’t select faces anymore, because it makes sketching much easier. Although you currently can’t select bodies in 2D mode - this will change with the next release. Would that solve your issue? What do you want to do with the selected object?

Thanks Istvan for answering so fast. I’m sorry to hear that we cannot select faces and objects anymore… I usually move objects in 2D mode to move and align objects in the top view or front view because I get a better sense of where they are. When is the new version coming?

Also I noticed that if you are in the 2D mode and want to move to a 3d view, I must rotate the view in a significantly angle, otherwise it goes back to the 2D mode.

My suggestion is to add this new option in the configuration button so we can activate it or not.

Thanks for your paying attention.

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I just checked and one can still select a body in 2D mode from the items panel. Faces need to be selected in 3D mode but double tapping on the selected face with a finger swings the face into 2D mode. Both of these are more tapping and clicking around though.

Yes, I know that you can go to the item panel and select from there and then go to the object and so, and so… For me, this are things that the user can select to turn them on or off according to the needs of preferences.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Bodies will be selectable in 2d from the next release.

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