Selection headaches

Selection problems causing time loss: I have 2 bodies who’s faces are aligned, trying to select the smaller body to move it for subtraction in the larger body. I can selected the edges but not the body easily. Frustrating! No lasso tool to compensate.

Scenario 2: When the fillet tool is selected, if my pen isn’t dead on the line, I end up drawing a new line instead of selecting the edge I was after. This IMO is a “Focus problem” with the pen. Fillet tool selected, line drawn instead. Others tools suffer this focus problem as well.

This is frustrating as designs get more complex.


Sure sure I know you can use the folders… however this takes time as well. Frustrating.

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I entirely agree. Selection is the most time consuming thing.

I would love to see, in conjunction with a lasso tool, the ability to choose what is being selecting: an edge, a face, a body, while maintaining the current selection choice of Select Any.

Perhaps if there was selection tool it could somehow eliminate the errant sketches that are so frustrating.

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Further, trying to drag the arrow using the fillet tool one must be a little too precise or you end up drawing another line. Sure I can tap the arrow and put a num Val in but I like to drag it around to see what looks best as well. So again, the pen should focus on the tool I selected so I don’t end up with unintended lines?

Yes, selection improvements needed.

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Well described.

I’ve been trying to think how to describe that - and blaming my own clumsiness. But of course with a tool selected, it shouldn’t automatically revert to line drawing…

The same applies to drawings. You have to select the drawings and all measurements ant text if you want to move a view on a sheet.

Double tap with the Pencil to select all.

Edit: I see what you mean, good point. Area selection is coming very soon.


I have neck and shoulder problems from years of hard work and hard falls. It leads to hand coordination, randomly dropping things etc. Frustration occurs. But double tapping on the edge of the object with both taps can be a bit tricky me and others I suspect. If I double tap rapidly on the body within the interior of another body shouldn’t that work to select it?

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I am sorry to hear that. This is actually very interesting. It’s true that the Pencil interactions require some level of dexterity. Actually I believe the hardest part of designing for stylus and touch is that some people are better at using the Pencil, and this varies at a great scale, thus tweaking all the tolerances and constants that describe eg. what’s the difference between drawing a short line vs. selecting an object can be incredibly challenging. What works for some, will not work for others. So like finding the best setup that works for the middle 99% was insanely hard. Designing for mouse and keyboard is much much easier, those are much more “explicit” devices.

My problem is mildly limiting. Having coded a bit for button push detection and multiple selection events/timeout events I understand. Truly.
Any way to make the arrows a bit larger on hover maybe? Just tossing ideas out there. Sometimes the arrow orientation makes it smaller, another orientation move is sometimes needed to affectively use arrows. And a “slight” miss ends up creating a line. Grrrr! :sweat_smile:

Yes, that could be an option, that’s what I referred to when I said that tweaking the constants to make it work for everybody is a big part of the work that we do. We can always do better though.

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We just want to make you better if we can. :upside_down_face: