5.170 - More in Patterns

This release gives more forward momentum with Patterns and Visualization.

Improved: As promised, we’ve added more for Patterns: now you can create linear patterns for Sketches.

For iPadOS and macOS:
Improved: Now in Visualization, you can choose to keep the ground plane in a fixed position, allow it to automatically snap to the bottom of the model, or turn it off completely.

Let us know what you think about it!



Many thanks for this update.
Only tried it for half an hour, but it looks nice.

Linear Patterns work fine for sketches and ground plane is now well managed in visualization: the default option to stick to the bottom of the design seems to be the right one.

Well done Shapr3D!



Improvement to the ‘Pattern’ tool to include sketches is great.
Will there be the ability to use pattern for holes too?

The improvement to include options for ground plane in visualization is great too,
Personally, I prefer the XY Plane as the shadow area at the bottom of the model is much more appealing.

However, the shadows at the corner (in the image) are sill a bit weird…

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Excellent updates. The default of “snap to model” is great for the ground-plane, removes the counterintuitive clipping you could get before when the model went below ground.

Also loving having patterns in sketches.

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I’m glad you enjoy using the new ground plane options! :slightly_smiling_face:
Regardinging the shadow, we are aware that with smaller (millimeter) scale models the shadows on the corners could end up like this. We are constantly working on improving the shadow quality and working on fixes like this. However at this moment I can’t promise an exact date for this fix.


Please Add CageEdit Option Like Gemvision’s Matrix 9.0 Please

Starting to think Windows users should get a discount. The feature differences widens :frowning:

Hi @Major_More, we hear you. Soon Shapr3D on Windows will become fully feature par with the other platforms, except for language localization.


While these additions are lovely, can we have an ‘Export Selected Bodies’ feature? For people 3D printing objects with multiple parts this is essential. While I understand you’re pushing 3MF, STL allows drag and drop into printer slicers and 3MF doesn’t and is recognised as a new file not a new object in slicers, not great.

At the moment I’m having to either export all the bodies, or each one at a time. Also, a export selected bodies function should ignore if it is a 1st level object and export regardless of its hierarchy.

How soon? Major More has a point there :slight_smile:

Can I ask you where I can find the Changelog page for Shapr3d Windows?

Honestly have feature parity across windows, ios and macOS or don’t and branch desktop versions off.

I’m unhappy being deprived of a save as (so I can use Dropbox) on windows because you want feature parity with iOS without giving parity.

It’s odd being in this middle ground.

Only moaning as I love the app

Hi @bweath, you can isolate selected bodies and export those.

This is something I already do but it is still a slow process. Ideally we need to be able to export multiple STLs (say 5-10) without having to go isolate, export, isolate export etc.

While the zip output is great, they all have to be first level items, meaning I have to ruin my object hierarchy each time. If I have a significant amount of items organised into folders, I would like to be able to export all bodies in this folder, that folder etc in one go.

@Major_More, The dev team have a great track record of continual and frequent updates and improvements. To be fair to the team, the Windows version is only around a few months now and they are putting a lot of effort into it as well as continuing working on the iPad version.

Its been available over 4-5 months.

I’d like it either the same as Mac or different.

Different preferably so I can use Dropbox.