Shapr 2.1 - Image import - BETA testers wanted!


This is the way I would have used images to make the model colt 45 a few months ago. This update is going to make it so much easier to make scale models. Many thanks everyone at Shapr.


Just wondering if there is an issue with how Shapr re scales an image when imported. Below pic shows same image loaded into top, back and right view. Right view image has been rescaled. Would be better if scale is kept the same for all axes?


We scale images depending on your current zoom level, so that they can always fit into your current view. Is it possible that the zoom level has changed between adding images?


OK. That makes sense. Will try again with same zoom level. Many thanks


Sorry to hear that, we’re already investigating this issue. Did you manage to start the app yet?


The black rectangle is just a TestFlight issue… sometimes it doesn’t find the app logo for some reason, we can’t do anything about it :frowning:


Are you by any chance using iOS 10.3 beta on your iPad?


No, 10.2.1 ios.

yet not been able to start app. trying to re install testflight and the app :slight_smile:


so i need a new invite ! :smiley:


Please count me in!:slight_smile:


Hmm, still the same problem when trying to open the beta up :frowning:


So kids!
Getting the beta up and running was a bit of an issue
Had to delete the original App Store download of Shapr3D and redownload through TestFlight
Even then did a HardReset to be safe
But here’s the issue!
Really need to be able to scale the image dynamically within the app
Not every one is going to use an image as a blueprint to build against
We could imagine having a small thumbnail image hanging about the Workspace just to serve as a reference
Does that make sense?


Did you have a problem with the app freezing at the splash screen or could you not download it at all?

As for the dynamic scaling: you can scale the image after you imported it with the freeform transform tool as well. Would that solve your problem or am I misunderstanding something?


i can download it, install it, but when i launch it it freezes and then quits :slight_smile:


Yeah I know I hope that @PhotoWorkPlace’s solution is good for that because I’ve read a lot of reports from other app makers that TestFlight sometimes does this and it’s really frustrating that we couldn’t help you guys out yet…still working on a solution of our own


So stupid of me! :slight_smile:
Just went back and noticed the yellow scale handle
Hadn’t seen it before
So the next question is changing opacity
Just found that one also!
Did we mention we were a bit slow! :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the work, it looks lovely!


:smiley: happy you like it.
could you weigh in on the installation issue please?


We’ll do our best! :slight_smile:
Made sure we had backed up all of our current Workspaces from Shapr3D
Went to the email grabbed the registration code and clicked on the link
Downloaded TestFlight put in the code
Hit Open when the download was finished
Had already closed all other open Apps
Shapr would open to the flash screen but wouldn’t go any further
The iPad would freeze up, pressed the Home Button a couple of time and things would snap back to life
Went through this a couple of times
Decided to Delete the original version of Shapr3D that we had downloaded through the App Store
Also Deleted and re downloaded TestFlight and the Beta of Shapr3D
Did a HardRestart, relaunched the Beta of Shapr3D and it’s been humming along ok!
Imagine just deleting the original version first and then downloading TestFlight might do the trick
Hope this helps


Wow! You guys rock, thank you so much :slight_smile:
So @Mmcarlsson I totally understand if you don’t want to go through the hassle but this might just work :slight_smile: (you can still backup any leftover workspaces with iTunes)


Give it a shot, it’s well worth it :slight_smile:
Being able to drop a photo in goes a long way
Weather it is just being able to work with a rough sketch as a guide or a detailed blueprint