Shapr 2.1 - Image import - BETA testers wanted!


Followed tip above and now iam up and running :heart_eyes::grin:


Is there any chance that you where using left-handed settings also? Because now when i changed to left handed the app starts to freeze again and behaves the same way IT did before i had IT up and running :slight_smile:


Okey, i reinstalled, tryed it out without left hand mode. Works great… changed to left hand mode and IT freezes and quits… time to re install it again .

Intresting bug :smiley:


Do you still need some additional beta testers?


Normally we run it in left hand
While working a pop up asked if we wanted to go left hand and we said no
Soooo! Maybe we’ll leave it righty for now :slight_smile:
Thanks for the heads up!


Hmm sorry to hear that, we’ll look into it soon


@stevenquinn just added you!


Dont be sorry. Iam just glad that i found a bug and can help you get the app better and norr secure :grin::grin:


The new beta is out now!

The left handed UI bug has been resolved, along with a few others.
Please report anything that you think shouldn’t be there / is not intuitive to use :slight_smile: Thanks!

Also, please take a look at the new Subscriptions page and tell us what you think. (Lower right/left menu, Subscriptions)


Just giving it a quick run through!
Things seem ok so far
As it is we’re pretty ambidextrous, so we spend a good amount of time flipping from left to right hand settings or just switching the pen from one hand to the other
So it’s a very nice feature and on top of that the navigation is easy enough to navigate no matter which hand you come at it with
With that said everything seems to be working smoothly
Let us also add that the Group Panel and navigating through the images is very nice, the jump to perspective view (when clicking on an image) is also a nice feature
But this then begs another feature request :blush:
The opacity slider is great! Might this be done for the Shapes Palet also
Being able to decrease opacity on a whole group so as to look through would be rather beneficial
Imagine that maybe you might be implementing this when you add colors?


Thanks for the quick review, we’re glad you like it :slight_smile:
Colors are the next big feature to come and yes you’ll be able to set the opacity of a whole group!


Count me in, please! Hope it is not too late)


you can never be too late! :slight_smile: just added you, let me know if you didn’t get the invitation


FYI: We made some changes in our database schema that can cause images to disappear in workspaces created with an older beta version. To remedy this, please export then import your workspace in the app!


So we still get the wire framing bug?
If we delete and reimport a couple of times it works it’s way out seemingly
Also we’re seeing what had been a solid rod import as a rippled surface


Count me in if you need someone else to test!


Really weird, we haven’t seen that for a while. We will look into this, thanks!


We already submitted the final version to the App Store, it should be released today or tomorrow.


Just tried loading the project in again
No problems!
We’ll wait and see how it works here on out :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for being part of this beta period! You helped us a lot. :slight_smile:

FYI an early (but very much usable) beta for 2.2 - Colors - is uploading now to TestFlight. As it is a new version, Apple will take it’s sweet time reviewing it so it should be ready to download later tonight/tomorrow.

I took the liberty of keeping all of you amongst our testers. If you’d like to sit this round out just PM me and I’ll cross your name off.


(We’ll make a separate thread once the beta is live.)