Shapr 2.2 - COLORS - BETA testers wanted!

In the new beta
Is the x of the eye dropper supposed to be moveable or fixed
Cause when clicking on the eye dropper the x pops up at the bottom of the screen and then stays there
If we tap on an object the color wheel doesn’t change to that color
Also about the default color cube
So we pick a color, the cube will reflect that color, but can’t seem to get that color onto an object
Either by preselects grandson or tapping afterwards
Also the color wheel does not jump to that default color, should it?

  • eye dropper: no, the x is there in case you change your mind and don’t want to use the dropper. Please make sure the shape you want to select is not under the grid as that prevents you from selecting the shape. If that’s not the case, we’ll look into it
  • default color is for the new objects you create. would it be more intuitive for you if it changed the color of the wheel as well?

thanks for the feedback

Ok so got what the x is for! :blush:
But we have to say that some how clicking on objects is seeming a bit less responsive
Understand how the “Default” color works
Yes, it would be nice to have the color picked under default to show on the color wheel
This would allow you to then use that default color on a current object but it would also enable you to create variations of the default group if you were to create a hierarchy of color
Also! We seem to be losing photos here and there!
We’ll import them and maybe quit the app and when we go back to it the photo is no longer there


Count me in!!
And thank for adding this feature. It’s extremely welcomed :slight_smile:

Just downloaded the latest version from Testflight. Color is now being retained after going to Workspaces screen and then reloading the workspace which I have just coloured. However it only works for newly created workspaces not for old ones made under previous versions - don’t think this is a problem but thought I would let you know this.

Downloaded "Shapr3D 2.2 (435)"
Seems to be working ok so far
Very much like the addition of the desaturated color choice
Would still ask for the color wheel to reflect what the default color choice is when it is picked on that menu
Otherwise there is no easy way to dial that default color into the color wheel
You would have to pick a default color
Leave the color window
Create a new object
Go back to the color window
And then use the eye dropper to get that color o to the wheel
Are we missing something otherwise?

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Thanks again for the feedback!
Sorry about the default color thing, I’ll add that on Monday, your request totally makes sense.
About the saturation slider: please play with it and share your thoughts about it’s placement, ease of usage, speed of saturation change etc. We’re not 100% sure about the current implementation.

Will do!
Question! :blush:
The behavior of camera reset
The beta before last when we’d reset would plant us very near to the corner of the floor and wall
Then the one just before this was putting us at a bit of a distance further (this was appreciated)
Now thus one is putting us back in the corner
Not sure if we’re remembering this exactly but this is how it feels :blush:
Is there an intelligent placement that takes into account the amount of volume of objects on the Workspace and then plants you in a view to see it all, or does it just plant you in s fixed xyz coordinate?

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How deep into the rabbit hole you want to go down! :blush:
The idea that the middle slider is like a dimmer switch of saturation is intresting
Also that it always snaps back to the middle
But there are some issues in this implementation
The rate of change does not feel slow/smooth enough in graduation
This brings about the larger question of intention of use for color by the end user!
As it is now there is really no repeatability of color (we’re trying to figure out how the color dots on the bottom function, are they use definable can we drag a color patch on them to be a palette default?)
There are no color values to refer back to, and with the saturation slider bouncing back there is no relative placement to even reference if one were to screen shot the color wheel as a reference
Screen shots of color pickers is what we commonly do for a project so that the colors maybe filed away separate from the project application
As it is now in Shapr what we’d have to do is this
We’re working on "Project X"
Before starting Project X we would open up a blank Workspace
Create a number of objects and define the color for each object
This Workspace would be saved and exported out of Shapr with the title "Color Picker For Project X"
Now we open Project X and import the “Color Picker For Project X” Workspace into that Workspace
Through this process we have the ability to carryover pallets from one Workspace to another and to keep them consistent within the working project
Now! With the tools given this would be the workaround if one was using color in any predetermined manner
This is a workable solution and still might actually serve people well no matter what other tools you offer (having an exportable color file format would be another way)
So yes it could work as is but the saturation slider is still a bit squirmy :blush:
Not sure if something like a magnifying glass pop up or graduated scale pop up might help

Weird, we don’t see any crashes in the crash reporter :expressionless: I will upload a new build soon.

Yes we are using automated crash reporting to collect crash information, and for some reason there aren’t any new issues :frowning: i will check again.

I like the option to desaturate the colour although I find the slider a bit harder to use than the other sliders for opacity and lightness. Having the desaturation slider springing back to the middle each time you drag it is not the easiest thing to get the hang of. I have just been trying using color together with extruding shapes and using the create new shape option, which makes it very easy to have objects with multiple colours - see picture below. How about adding shadow next - just to make the renders look even better! Andy

I have tried the new color feature, and the first thing I must say is that I love it. It just give more character to our design and is really helpful when working or my massing models.
One problem I have found with the new feature however is that my changes are not saved (I tried a couple times to apply colors to my model, but after uploading a new workspace and going back to my previous workspace, all the changes previously applied are no where to be found)

One other thing I would like to recommend for the color tool to be accessible without having to go under tools. I think that it will speed up the workflow. Some people tend to attribute color to their object as they are creating them so I think that the color tool being directly accessible will very nice.


Hello DeoAM,

This solution was our first approach :slight_smile: But we have to choose very carefully what functions do we add on the main interface. We’d like to avoid looking too complex and we only add the necessary tools. We’ll see the frequency of usage of the coloring and we’ll reconsider the placing if we see the need of it in the usage statistics.

Btw we were thinking of allowing the users to customize the interface. That’s something which is not on our roadmap yet, but it would give you the opportunity to pin specific tools to your workspace. I think that would help you.


Count me in!"


Yeah, iCloud and all alike, in the end there’s no use for apps since unless you are just “doodling” your designs will not any longer be discretely yours.

I foresaw this demise close to 15 years ago. Hang all your thoughts and ideas in a '“cloud”. Unfortunate development!

Use airdrop to transfer your models. Btw. I agree with you, this is why we won’t store your files in the cloud, but on your device. We believe that your design should be yours, and it has to be accessible anytime - even if you don’t have network connection, or if you want to abandon iOS.

Just a quick note
New Beta is feeling very smooth
Like the saturation slider much more, moving opacity over to the left makes a lot of sense
And thank you for having the default color pop up on the color wheel when it is chosen
Now lastly, am still confused how the color palette dots are meant to be used
If they are personal palettes how do we manage the color, or do they represent a history of colors used?
We would rather they be personal color palette! :blush:
Thanks for all the work

Colors at the bottom represent recently used colors only. Color palettes are not going to be included in this release. We’ll see if we add this feature later.

It has arrived in App Store, yay :clap:
At least in Sweden :sweden: :+1:

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