Shapr3d becomes very sluggish after about 30 min of use/poor performance onWindows

Hi, I am using your amazing software for couple of years now. The biggest problem for me is this app performance when working on more complex projects.
It’s always the same: after about 30 min of work the app becomes very sluggish. Restart of an app helps a lot but its annoying to must restart it every 30 min or so.
I have 2 powerful PC (7800x3d/rtx4090/128gb ddr5) and one laptop (intel 13900/rtx4060/64gb) and on all machines the performance is the same.
im using latest win11, latest shapr3d version and latest drivers. Situation being the same from the beginning. With every update i hope the performance will be improved but no luck so far. Are you guys are going to do anything about the issue?
It drives me crazy.

Best regards,

Hello Simnautica,

I have the same issue on complex drawings, (using a MBP M3). Have found that going below +/-17GB of memory makes the drawing “process” sluggish. I have started using the feature of Free Up in CleanmyMac App to get more memory and this seems to work.

Or you may just wish to close other apps to gain more memory?

Maybe this might help you?


Thanks for the report. Performance has always been very important to us and we’ve been putting a lot of focused effort into it in the past few weeks following similar user reports. We had discussions about the different issues with others mainly in this thread.

One of our findings was that there’s no single issue that is causing slowdowns, rather a combination of smaller causes that sometimes compound. To track down what’s happening in your use case, it’d help a lot if you could:

  1. record your screen while the slowdown is happening and also how an app restart fixes it (different root causes result in different types of slowdowns and seeing it on a video would help us figure out what’s going on)
  2. export the designs your are working on when the slowdown happens as a .shapr file and share it with us

It’d help a lot if you could send these over to Let me know if you have problem sending over the files and we’ll work out an alternative solution.

I’m working on Mac Mini M2Pro 16GB RAM and not experience any sluggishness. Can you share you project so I can test on my machine?

This is a recurring problem with all CADs used on PC. The only solution is to use Shapr3D on pple. The iPad is undoubtedly by far the most effective.

Hello Peter,

The file is over 200MBs in Sharp3D format. Project is not completed, by a long ways. Will try to find the best method of transferring.

Note: I’m using a “Space Mouse” compact, and most of what you see here is my hand “jerking” while trying to maneuver the “joystick”. But the noted sluggishness is when the project lags when moving the joystick.

Hope upload works.