Shapr3D - Designing and Printing - Screw Threads

After extensive searches of the S3D Forum, and PMs to likely Users, for information and experiences involving making Objects that have Screw Thread(s)/Treaded [ST] parts or components but information is scattered and somewhat scant.

This Post has been started in an attempt gather information on this subject within this Forum. A potentially important article was available via a Link in a S3D Users [much earlier] message but unfortunately that Link currently appears to be dysfunctional.

Available MO(s) for forming ST vary, some may be outdated, and so it is possibly a matter of luck which article/discussion/video/whatever is discovered by someone wanting to get a project underway? The ‘luck’ aspect will doubtless affect the experience outcome?

Personally I have found a satisfactory methods to produce ST using Features currently available within S3D. One of my S3D goals is to produce an Article on ST, hopefully incorporating information posted in response to this message, and also produce some Videos. Start on the latter has been scuppered, at least temporarily, IIUC by Apple removing the ‘Pencil’ and ‘Finger Taps’ features from Screen Video Captures.
Plan B may take time to kick in.

The S3D Team have previously indicated that a ‘Tool’ for ST would be made available, it would be very helpful to learn about the current situation of this development. Information on this will be gratefully received.

To anyone reading this who has not been successful with ST, either producing S3D Design(s) or 3D Print(s) should perhaps consider those experiences as being valuable to the community. It is helpful to know what to do and also what to avoid doing.

Hi Gelphyn,

the threading-tool has been announced a few times, but I never saw any reliable proof of progress…

At the moment it seems that the fully manual design as described in former posts by other users and myself is the only manageable way.

Regards from Germany



Hi Chris
PM sent with example 42 & 48mm 0.75 pitch threads.

Threads - still no news on a thread tool.
Could somebody produce an easy to follow video with maybe a voice out explaining the process.
I was hoping that a full blown tutorial would appear in the actual app. After all this a large area for any engineering drawings.
I do find “the follow this process video” not very useful.

Hi, not on our short term roadmap currently. We will make some tutorials on the subject in the near future (in a few months)