Shapr3D for mechanical design professionals

Can this be considered as a full-fledged mechanical design software/app for mechanical design professionals? Request mechanical design pros to list down the hits and misses of this nice piece of work. From part modelling, to assembly modelling, bill of material creation to drafting, where does this stand? Please share your experiences.

I have been exporting drawings of trumpet mouthpieces, and complicated lathe form cutters to CNC and EDM shops and they say it is fine on their end. That is using splines and many complicated French curves and not converting to arcs and circles first. Just sending the file made with splines.

For professional mechanical design use? Basic part modeling at best.
Good basic solid modeling, no advanced geometric or relational control, No assembly, no sheetmetal, tubing or other industry specific tools, no simulation, no materials or user definable database so no BoM cut list etc, not capable of producing 2d drawings to a standard I would ever allow to leave the design office …

True. But every 2 weeks with every new release, we are getting closer and closer. :wink:


I think you people are doing a great job and will over time be a possible competitor in the mid tier market, just not yet.
You have chosen the right course IMHO with solid modeling. It’s as much of an advancement over parametric software as 3d was over 2d, once you understand how to use it …


Progress can be in the Eye of the Beholder?

The stuff we improve and consider progress might not necessarily be progress? Like so many things, it’s relative or simply a perspective? :turtle: :turtle:🧘🏽‍♂

What did we ever do without computers!!! :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also I’d note that many of our customers are creating amazing assemblies using the Align tool. It’s an extremely powerful tool. But indeed we will need a dedicated assembly functionality in the future, this is just a note.