We need a Shaper 2D for the iPad, Shaper 3D is awesome

I lay out food processing and packaging lines Shaper 3D is fantastic for modeling the cups, trays cartons etc…, but I have found no way to do 2D floor plans where a production line might have 25 or more machines and conveyors. So my question is there a good 2D iPad Pro M1 cad app that is as elegant and intuitive for 2D as Shaper is for 3D. I have used AutoCad for Mac for more then 10 years and I use Shark FX for solid modeling all the way back to their Vellum roots on the Macintosh 1984 box. Shark FX roots go all the way back to Lockheed when they wrote their own in-house CAD.

I love Shaper 3D and the Apple Pencil2 on this iPad M1. I would pay another pro subscription if Shaper could bring their elegance and intuitiveness into a real 2D app like AutoCad Mac 2018.

Thanks Shaper 3D you have raised the bar so high and at an affordable point for me, you will control this market your product is fantastic. Now if you only mad an add on called something like Shaper 2D module. I like AutoCad 2018 and Shark FX very much, but what took me years to learn on those apps I have learned on Shaper 3D in weeks.

Again Shaper, thanks for an absolutely awesome app.

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I do know Shaper 3D makes great 2D shop drawing from 3D models. When you have a production line with maybe more then 25 machines and covers 50,000 so ft of floor space you can quickly model a delicate conveyor transition and blast out shop drawing fast. Shaper 3D as I presently know it is the only way to get a shop drawing is from 3 D modeling everything. Typically when Companies are buying a new packaging line they want floor plans out our systems with the quotations and a nicely annotated and colored plan-view drawing will do the job but the 2D cad apps for the iPad really need to get DWG compliant. AutoCad for the iPad has potential but compared against Shaper 3D, AutoCad should be embarrassed with what they brought out for the iPad, with now 50 years of AutoCad how much more would it take?. Shaper is so refined and so intuitive to use and it is almost as good on the Mac as it is on the iPad and my work goes between them perfect with no struggles. Shaper, please make a 2D add on to Shaper 3D.

It should be noted that the 2D drawing export is currently broken for US users, if using metric units. ( When using metric units, the 2D export currently renders all decimal points as commas.)