Shapr3d Object Symbolog

I see the different types of Shapr3d objects when I expand the Items Manager.
It displays bodies, folders, images, mesh bodies, sketches, planes.
A body is represented by a cube, a sketch by a triangle with little circles, a mesh body as a pentagon.
I believe that an closed mesh body and an open mesh body are represented by the same icon, but I’m not sure.
I guess there must be a list of all the different symbols, their characteristics and their representing icons.
Could you post it?
Thanks and best regards.

Hi! I can confirm that open and closed meshes are represented with the same icon. We have an article that can slightly meet what you are looking for, it is mainly about our Items List panel:

Can you please tell me what do you mean by characteristic?

Thanks for the reply @KPeter_Shapr3D.
By ‘characteristics’ I meant something like if it is a open or a closed (watertight) body basically.
Just wondering if there’s a quick way to know some particular information about an object.
Again, thank you.

yeah, I get the idea. As we extend our list of features and tools in the future, we will need new icons :slight_smile: