Shapr3D on Surface Pro with IOS emulator


Dear István,

At the moment I already aware that you will not make the Shapr3D for windows but I would prefer the Surface Pro instead of Ipad Pro. The fact that I am a big fan of Shapr3D and I am really impressed about your software and if I finally choose the Ipad Pro than it will be only because of your 3D CAD software. But before I do it I would like to know whether is there a chance for having the software working on a windows based Surface Pro + pen if there is an IOS emulator running? I did not checked the IOS emulators so far, I’ve just heard about Ipadian but I guess there are at least a few ones to make possible the usage of IOS apps on windows.

Did you tested it before? Can it work? What do you think about it?

Thank you in advance!




I am pretty sure that there is no way to run anytging like an iOS emulator on windows, especially not a legally clear way. That being said, even if you would manage somehow to run it on Surface, we would not be able to support it. However, we do have plans to port Shapr to Surface, but we don’t have an ETA yet.


Thank you for the answer! I think that so many user would be extremely happy if the Shapr3D would be available also for the Surface Pro with a Surface Pen, actually that would be the best solution for me as well. Is ETA means estimated time of arrival? Is there a chance for having it even in this year?


Definitely not this year :slight_smile: