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Yes - I think you are right. The trick with shapr3d will be to keep it simple whilst adding functionality - not easy, but you are doing a great job so far!



Love your work. It is always great to see what people can create with such a tool.



Hi guys. I am sure you are working hard on the update - so I thought I would send you this pic to cheer you up. Remember - there are no such things as problems - only opportunities! Best wishes. Andy


Thanks Andy, you just gave us what we need the most right now: TIME! (Badumtsss)

Cool stuff btw :slightly_smiling:


Andy - This may not be the right place to ask this but how do you do a texture overlay in Procreate? Did you see a tutorial and if so - where can I find it?

Thanks. Keep up the great work.



Absolutely amazing work. Just joined and will start modelling with it soon. From these examples it is a lot more powerful than I thought.


Hello! I was just invited to the beta (thanks Istvan!) and after only 10 minutes of fooling around with the app, am LOVING IT! I successfully exported all three of the file formats and was able to import easily into Luxion KeyShot for a few quick test renders. Finally, a real 3d app for the iPad Pro! Looking forward to seeing what you all create with this.



And a few more images, as I can only upload a singe at a time.


Here is the original wireframe


Great to see how the models look in Keyshot. It would be great if someone would make a cut-down version of keyshot for the ipad!


Hi there - happy to explain what I did in Procreate. I loaded an image of the model (on a black background) as a layer in Procreate. I then load in a texture image on a layer above and set the blend mode of that layer to overlay. The texture then only shows up on the model and not on the background and all of the shading from the model shows through. There are some other blend modes which sometimes also work well - just have to experiment. With things like wood grain I then rotate, move, shear the texture image to line it up properly.

Perhaps I should also explain that to render the image of the model I output the stl file from shapr3d to dropbox and then download it back to my ipad and into i3D Viewer app - produces great renders

Hope this is helpful - let me know how you get on.



Andy - thanks so much for the explanation. Great stuff. I’ve been using Procreate here and there but am not yet familiar with all the bells and whistles. Of course that’s how I would do it in Photoshop so I guess it should be the same way. I’ll give it a shot.

Thank you!

PS: To render STL files - does it require the full version of i3D?




Wanted to see how easy it would be to make a hull for a boat. Found that the revolve tool worked best set at 180 degrees, followed by the hollow out tool (really like this tool!). I like the result - and fairly quick to achieve. Andy


Did you use the sweep tool to make the middle of the boat?


No - I drew the profile on the grid and did an extrusion. I havn’t really got the hang of the sweep tool yet - I am never quite sure which way its going to go!


Yeah, that’s going to be fixed.


I think with i3d viewer there is an in-app purchase needed if you want to use dropbox - can’t remember how much but fairly cheap