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I got there in the end with this model. Had a false start because one of the objects in the workspace was causing the draw function to go wrong. Anyway, started again and it worked just fine. Not easy to get some of the shapes for this model - would really like to have a reference image on the grid floor to help - anyway had a lot of fun making this one! Best wishes. Andy


Hi Andy, amazing stuff as always :slight_smile: Reference image is definitely something that we want to include in the next few weeks. Thanks again for sharing!


Many thanks for the feedback. I think you guys are doing amazing things with this app - sure to be a winner. I managed to upload an stl file of this model to dropbox and back again into i3d viewer - it took quite a while and I wonder if there is a maximum file size. This stl file is 230 MB. The only model so far that has not uploaded to dropbox as an stl file is the one of the cannon, and I think this may be a really big file! Anyway, this model of a flintlock mechanism has rendered really well. Keep up the good work and look forward to further developments with the app. Andy


Your work is simply amazing. I can definitely see the scope of possibilities with Shapr3d through your work but I’m nowhere near there yet :slightly_smiling: Thanks for sharing.


How did you do the screw? Very cool stuff.


Hi Istvan. I cheated a bit with the screw thread! I have managed to make a helix by drawing around a cylinder but was not easy. So for this model, I made a number of discs, chamfered them and placed them on the cylinder at a slight angle - looks good, but wouldn’t work as a screw thread in reality!


Hi there - thank you for the feedback - one of the pleasures in using shapr3d is that it is fairly quick to learn how to use each of the tools, but there is then a lot to learn about how to combine the effects to create the shapes you want. I am still learning, but each time I think I cant make a particular shape, after a bit of trial and error, I seem to be able to manage it - a great credit to this app and those designing it. Best wishes. Andy


A real test for the copy function - I started to make this wheel last week but decided to wait until copy was available before finishing the tread on the tyre. I started with two parts of the tread, one at the top of the tyre and one directly opposite at the bottom of the tyre. I then selected both and did a rotation with copy switched on. Repeated this several times to get the full tyre - very simple and fast! Only trouble is, I seem to have created an enormous file and I doubt that I could export this as an stl. Never mind, it looks great as it is. Andy


Wow, I would say it is reasonable that you waited until we have the copy paste :slightly_smiling: Cool.


Point taken Andy. And that’s our weakest point that we don’t have any educational materials currently. So if anyone want to make tutorials, then don’t resist that urge :wink: We would be extremely grateful.


Decided to break this model down into 4 separate pieces and 4 stl files - to avoid having a file that is too large to upload to dropbox. I then rendered each piece separately in i3d Viewer and then put the images together using Procreate. The only tricky bit was matching the perspective for each of the renders. It would be great if Shapr3d could include a simple render option to avoid having to export the model! Anyway, had great fun making this model (I remember getting the meccano steam engine for Christmas when I was a kid!). Andy


And again this is impressive work. Looks like you are mastering Shapr3D :slight_smile: Really like what you are doing here.


Many thanks Tom. I am beginning to work out which combination of tools works best to create each shape. Infact, I think it is possible to make just about any shape you might need with the existing tools - sometimes takes a bit of trial and error. Andy


Wanted to have a go at modelling the apple watch to see if would be possible to get the right profile for the strap, with a gentle curve. After a couple of attempts it worked! I am finding the section tool really useful. By creating two objects one with the top down profile and one with the side on profile and intersecting them I was able to get the right shape.


awoodhead, your modelling is so impressive. When you write your book on how to fully utilize all the features to do complex models, put me down for the first copy! :wink:


Me too :slight_smile:

Maybe you could do some little tutorials on how to use each tool. This would be extremly helpful.


Hi there. I did wonder about doing some tutorials - do you think a series of screen shots with a bit of explanatory text would work? I might do one and let you see what you think. Would it be alright to post it on this site for you to have a look? Andy


That would be wonderful. It would be a great help to us at the Shapr3D team and to other users too :slight_smile:


OK, pretty lame by awoodhead’s standards but I did manage to do a lot of the operations I was trying to do. I find that it is used different than other CAD programs, but once I got the hang of it it does work very nicely. I find that I draw a lot of shapes on the main plane and then rotate and move them where I need them to add or subtract from the main solid. Overall quite a powerful program.


Great bit of modelling. I think I work in the same way drawing an outline and extruding and then moving into position. I have found that drawing a view from above then another from the side and using the section tool is a great way of getting quite complicated shapes.