Show non-manifold body zones

If you try to convert some fonts to vectors using the “Text” Tool, some of them create crossed vectors that result to the following error message when you try to offset the face : “The face or sketch filling can’t be extruded because it would create a non-manifold body”.
Guys if you are able to detect this, it is surely because you have been able to detect crossing vectors.
Can you please add a functionnality that permits to show where are the concerned vectors so we can fix it quickly ?
Last time it tooked me something like an hour to go around all the design and find the 2/3 problems…

Uncrossing the twist should fix it.

Thanks Stephen, I know that :wink:
The purpose of my question was for the shapr3D team to add the ability to show these knots when they display the error message about non manifold body, that will help us wasting minutes/hours in zooming on design to find knots.

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