"simple" illustrator files become complicated and unscalable

Hi there,

Just trying to import what appears to be a simple Illustrator file, but after DXF conversion (web service) it’s got stray points all over the place to the point that I can’t scale it down to the size I need to work with (Shapr3D reports constraints issues).

I’d upload the files, but apparently as a new user that’s not an option. Dropbox link to the files: Dropbox - ILKI.zip - Simplify your life

Hints and tips appreciated on this one.

Out of curiosity try those. ILKI.zip (1.3 MB)

Definitely better, but I’m trying to bring this down to fit inside a 4.5cm circle and I still can’t scale it all the way down without the Transform failed message. But I get a lot closer now…

Hi, if possible, please export in AutoCAD version R14 from Illustrator and select the Outline Text option. The attached file was exported this way, it has fewer control points.

I don’t think he has illustrator. I retried it in Corel using R14 both
ILKI2.zip (12.3 KB)
text and curves. I did get rid of the outlined box which shouldn’t make a difference to his work.

Bingo - not my work, just a file supplied in Illustrator format, a product no longer in my toolkit (in another life, that would not be a problem).

But these did work out enough that I was able to get this working enough to create this:

After passing this off to vCarve Desktop and then the Snapmaker