Simple: keyboard shortcut for "replace face" command

I am using the replace face command a lot. Not only that there is no shortcut key but the command is also burried under “more”. There are not many commands I use more that replace face.

For me it would make a lot of sense to make this command more accessible.

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I really think they should keyboard shortcut all of the commands. This has been brought up a lot and I’m not sure why they’d miss some out. I use mirror a lot and a simple keyboard command would make my life a lot easier.

Absolutely they even should be editable but I don’t dare to ask that.

I’m for more shortcuts definitely. But do you know you can select both faces and “replace face” will popup on the top level of menu? You don’t need to open “more” to access this tool in that case.


No I did not, thank you for this, I always marked a face then selected the command and then the other. Still a keyboard shortcut would be nice as you say.

Adding to @Xdrakosha tip. The second face selected is always the new “target face”. So if you select 6 faces for example, the second clicked will be the purple (target face). You can then click the purple to make it blue and then select another as the target face if needed.