Simplfy mesh on 2D Drawings

When I import a step file of a chair is there a way to remove the extra line and faces from the 2d drawing? As you can see the tables and walls look clean but the chair is a mess. Id rather not use this in production. It looks unclean for present to clients. Hoping the answer isnt to rebuild every mesh in Shapr. That would be a very inefficient way to work.

A step file is a solid part, shouldn’t be a mesh. It’s hard to tell without seeing the model. Is the chair supposed to have a solid surface?

But in terms of the image provided, the chair has a lot more geometry and those features appear much smaller (like a chair made of metal rods). So having 2 lines defining the edges will be much closer and look more cluttered. Similar to how the edges of the table top are very close.

Yes, its supposed to have a solid surface. Heres what it looks like.

This is a solid modeler. Doesn’t really do mesh. It defines shapes in math terms and draws them, essentially. Mesh is kind of a different thing.

If it was made with a program that uses OBJ, STL or similar and exported as a step (if that is possible) then that is likely what you are seeing. It’s still a mesh and the STL included it.

In visualization the lines will go away. But that doesn’t help in the drawing.

You will need to recreate the chair using loft more than likely if you want a clean drawing.

Understanding the difference in solid modeling and mesh modeling is essential to working in 3D.

Thanks for your response. I know the difference between solid and mesh modeling. The chair was a NURBS object exported to STEP. This seems more like a software error, considering the lines disappear in visualization. Hopefully, they can fix this in the future. Having a massive model library you can’t use is a real bummer.

All lines disappear in visualization, even native shapr objects which have their own geometry lines. The problem is nurbs based modeling has all those geometry lines to begin with, so exporting it as a step file doesn’t smooth them out.

When you model or view it in a nurbs program can you see those lines? if so that’s how shapr will see it.