STL file measurements wrong when exporting from Shapr3D


When my brother try to 3D write using STL files created in Shapr3D they have all measurements in inches even though I used centimeters or millimeters when I designed. Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong an how I can get the measurements right?

Best regards, Niklas

Hi there!

STL does not contain any unit information. Only numbers. This means that if you export to STL, it does not matter what units you used. This is not specific to Shapr, this is how it works in every modeling tool. I suppose you are trying to import it to a slicer - you will have to scale the model properly. It is quite unfortunate that STL has become the standard for 3d printing and for other manufacturing tools, but this is how it works :frowning: Hopefully someone will come up with a much better file format soon.

Thank you, that was very good information!


Hi Istvan!

I’ve been wandering, just out of pure curiosity, does IGES contain unit information?

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In addition, I’d like to ask if I print with STEP, will it contain triangles in the empty spaces?

Of course, igs does contain size information, but STP is always preferred over IGS.

can you clarify a bit what do you mean by the second question?

When people showcase their 3D prints, if there are empty spaces, these are filled with triangles. But this is probably only with STL, which is a mesh format.

That’s not related to shapr or stl, but it is the result of the slicer apps, where you can control the infill of your objects.