Sketch Offset Constraints

In sketching it’s nice that you can offset an edge or loop to easily create a new feature, flanges, clearance, etc. Unfortunately there’s no constraints at all applied to the newly offset sketch. None of the constraints from the original sketch and no dimensional constraint on the distance of the offset. The only way to have them is to add them all back in manually eating up a ton of time, especially on somewhat complex sketches.

This also means that the only way to change the offset is to delete and repeat with a different dimension. If you want to move it, it will not keep relation with other portions of the sketch resulting in geometry errors.

Being able to easily modify the offset vs having to re-do the offset (and any associated features built from it) would save a lot of time on what should be a simple feature that now takes multiple steps to accomplish.

offset constraints are coming later this year


Thank you for the reply!

A work around in a simple body for me :
I made a locked line ,and only the inner radius of the ring is locked. The goal was to easily change the inner diameter, because it can be applied to different tubes.
The offset constraints would be wellcome.

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