Sketching a hole on the surface?

In the tutorial that you posted it shows the person sketching a circle onto a face of the 3D object that they created, but all I can get the pencil to do is highlight the face when I try to draw anything onto it, I have managed to increase the extrusion a few times but I cannot get the pencil to sketch a circle, getting a tad frustrated now, as with my previous issue, there must be something that turns on and off the drawing mode, but I have not found what does this yet…

You have to use a bit more pressure. It is the same when you start to create a new object. Just apply some pressure and you will be able to draw circle onto the surface.

Arr… Sorry for sounding thick but would not normally apply this much pressure to the pen, Understood and workign OK. Thanks

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We are working in this issue.

How about just hitting a button to put it into drawing mode instead of applying pressure? It would seem faster since you can just concentrate on drawing rather than making sure you have applied enough pressure… not to mention the life of the pencil is extended… LOL.

Well we have gone through this a lot. We also considered having a “state” button for switching between drawing and pulling. The problems with that approach are the following:

  1. How would you draw separate lines? You would have to lift the pencil after each curve. But you would not be able to instantly draw another curve, because you would start to drag the end point of the previous curve, so you would have to make the end point disappear first, by tapping an empty area. Yuck.
  2. How would b-spline sketching work? How could it stay consistent with regular curve sketching?

So probably we are going to stay with the current approach, and we will lower the click pressure threshold. Actually I have been using my Apple pencil for a while now, and it is just like brand new :slightly_smiling: So don’t be afraid of destroying your pencil, it is rather robust :slightly_smiling:

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Sounds like this was considered as one approach. For point number 1, I may also suggest the following:

What about having a button on the left hand edge (or right - configurable for left-handed people) which you hold down, say with your thumb that allows you to draw while pressed. When you want to start a new line, just let go of the button, click to start the line and hold the button again to continue adding to your new line. In effect it would be an ongoing toggle. Without giving it a lot of time I can see how clicking and holding then starting your line will slow things down a bit. It’s nice to be able to open up an app and start sketching without any slow-downs, IMHO. I’m not a programmer so I am speaking from a users point of view. I found it difficult to drawing a line and then start an arc at the end of that line. I’m sure it’s me but just thought I would put in my 2 cents (and expect change from that)… :wink:



Thanks Istvan, I totally agree the workflow at present makes sence, but its just getting use to any app from the get go, as for the Pencil, its not that I am worried about, its the iPad Pro itself, does seem a little on the heavy side, I have a good glass protector on the screen anyway but it still seams a little too much pressure required.

I think these issues I am having will not be apparent in a day or two once I am use to the way that it works, and I know its in the works anyway, but a good easy to follow tutorial that makes sure you understand what to do in a step by step guide that is checking your responses all the way along will help here as well.

I do still like the idea of a button for things as well, most of the world out here that wants to use this for 3D wont mind loosing a bit of space for the odd button for switching modes of operation, we have to do this all day anyway using Maya, Cinema 4D, Softimage and LightWave etc, and a button for Extrude and other main functions could be useful, maybe offering both methods, either use as is or sometimes click a button.

I understand from the little playing I have done that your mindset is to make this as button free as possible, and it does work, its just gonna take a while to get use to, but I think turning down the pressure a little would help, it does seam overly hard, also maybe also the time it takes for the pen to be recognised and switch from yellow to green could maybe do with shortening, I have the hang of drawing elements now, but I often wish I did not have to pause for so long between lines and selections.

But really loving it, been told that I cannot go home tonight as food has been ordered and most of the office are playing at present.



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But really loving it, been told that I cannot go home tonight as food has been ordered and most of the office are playing at present.

Huh, that’s probably the greatest thing I heard for while :slightly_smiling: I am truly happy to hear that. We will try to improve pencil handling, and if it won’t work out as we think, then we will consider another approach.

@Masterjack I think the next releases will fix many of these problems.

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I agree with lowering the pressure, I have to press so hard currently it’s hard to get the points in the exact location I want them in

We have just done that. Actually it turned out that the required pressure should depend on the angle of the pencil, that’s why some people were easily able to sketch and some were not. With smaller angles currently it is harder to click. But this is fixed, and will be included in the next release tomorrow.

Do releases auto update? Or how does that work?

Testflight will notify you when the new version is available. But I think we will also create a forum topic here for every new version.

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The sounds are great I hope that stays

It would be good if there was a feature/bug change list

There will be a very detailed list with every fixed bug and changed feature.

I tried the hard press but that does not work. At least I can’t get it to work. What I have to do is make a circle out side of an object. Then drag the circle onto the object. Or, draw a circle out side an object then extrude the circle, then drag the circle onto the object. I think some times I am able to draw a circle on an object but most of the time I can not. I want to perform this function because then I could quickly draw a circle or any other shape and quickly extrude that plane to create a hole in the main object. Or connect to objects together. Simple; quick and easy. Again, right now it just takes many more steps and time.

I took a screen shot. How did I get to the mode in the image? I am trying to reproduce this issue. When in this mode I am able to draw a circle or square on my object. But how I got to this point I don’t know.

Looks like to double tapped on the image with your finger, not the pencil?