Stoping and Starting Lines

I have noticed that there is a slight issue when drawing lines, I am obviously new to the app and therefore I have not worked out the features yet, but if I draw a line and then stop, lift the Pencil away from the iPad, I have a line, and the line has measurements (which i think is a great idea by the way), but I have sat here for a while now trying to draw another line which I want attached to the end of the line that I have already made, but all I get is a small circle on the end of the line getting bigger when the pencil is pressed to the iPad, but I do not get a new line or an indication of this line beings started as in the yellow and then green markers, I have managed to create another line since, but I do not know what I did to re enable the drawing mode, Is there something that I need to do so that I can draw the next line? Sorry if this sounds daft!

Well, we will definitely have to put a lot of work to improve pencil handling. Until then you can try to turn on your speakers, the app plays a little click sound when you pressed the pencil, it should help a little.

As I have mentioned in another of my posts, I feel that the time and pressure levels required by the Pencil need to be shortened a little, getting the hang of it now, but I still often run into problems, I have a few people here playing with it at the moment and they all like it, but a few have mentioned that they also find it hard to do what they need it to do and although we are progressing, we still have problems carrying lines on, it seems that however hard you press with the Pencil we are not getting it to register that we are needing to start or continue with a line, once we get it working we find that we are really happy with what it does.

Thanks James, we are looking into this. We will upload a new version with lots of fixes on Friday, the release will include fixes regarding the pencil handling as well.

Just wondering if it makes a difference if you are using a screen protector on the ipad pro - if you are it may need a little more pressure with the pencil? I tried a screen protector but took it off because it seemed to interfere with the way the pencil worked.