Smart shader/material + Smart shadows

2 Ideas for better material rendering control on visualization.

Smart Shader/material
Smart Material with blur/background blur controls + alpha/transparency controls + index of refraction controls + gradient colors controls
The new material should allow realistic transparent renders even when 2 or more solids with this materials are stacked together]

Smart Shadows
Control for projected shadows that allow us to change color, sharpen/blur, and size of a projected shadow

Gradient colors would allow us to better design and render glasses, smart glasses, colored glass structures, like bottles, lamps, etc

Control of background blur, index of refraction of these materials would help us to visualize more realistic images with precise control of just one material/shader

Smart shadows allow us to better set visualizations with very simple controls.

Without this kind of material
Is not possible to achieve gradient color glass and/or color shadows, now, on visualization.
Is not possible to render properly two or more transparent/translucent materials one in front of the other, without loose some of the real aspects of glass refraction in visualization
Is not possible to design a sunglass with gradient lenses
Is not possible to design a shampoo bottle that goes from transparent to translucent to opaque color
Is not possible to design a car that the windshield goes from transparent to opaque without some sort of graphic screen (dots reticulation of some sort), or a helmet with a lens that does the same.

Is not a workflow blocker, but for sure would make visualization more powerful with simple shader/material additions