Snap to grid, new guy question

So, I have locked grid at 1mm
auto constraining - on
show all - checked
snap to and show - all switched on

line/arc - set to line

I draw a 10mm line - horizontal/vertical symbol shows
I select the line - drag arrows show

I can drag the line anywhere, it does not snap to grid

why does it not snap to grid?

can I set it, so it snaps to grid when dragging?
or drag/copying?

It seems snap to grid only works
when drawing a line - true?

25 aug 2022 @ 0835
I see topic similar stuff, please pardon me

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It helps to remember that you can only snap a POINT to another POINT (i.e. the intersection of the grid lines). So, when you are drawing a line, the new Endpoint is what snaps to the intersection, and everything works as you expect.

However, if you later select the entire LINE, Shapr has no way of knowing which point in the line should snap to which grid intersection. You must select individual endpoints and then they will snap to the nearest grid intersection — which might change the length or angle of your line.

If you want the move the line without “changing” it, you can lock the length and/or apply various contraints (horizontal/vertical, etc.) and then select an endpoint and move it wherever needed.

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Thank you. I did not remember what I didn’t yet know.
I see what you are saying, though. Thanks.

I was trying to make some basic geometry things.
Thinking that shapr3d would be useful or helpful
for showing some geometry ideas.

I expected when selecting a line, and getting the
big white dot with the white up and side arrows,
…that the white dot would snap, if you have
snaps turned on. But like you say, nothing really
snaps, because shapr3d doesn’t know…

So, anyway, I thought I was doing something wrong.

I was trying to make a koch curve, which is
supposedly a simplest fractal. I thought I
could make a line and then copy the line,
or maybe use the pattern copy, I could get some
results. But I couldn’t really figure anything out.
As usual…

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