SolidWorks 2021 Files

Does S3D support SLDPRT & SLDASM 2021 files? I am trying to open some vendor files and every file I try to open says “import failed, your source file couldn’t be loaded because it’s damaged”.

Hi! Could you please send us those files to We would like to take a closer look at them. Thanks!

@Rita_Shapr3D Just sent you a sample 2021 SLDPRT file

@Rita_Shapr3D Just curious if you received my sample file and if you have had any luck viewing it in S3D?

Yes, we have it, thanks for the quick email! Ww are looking at it and trying to figure it out. I’ll make sure to get back to you with update once we have some.

Okay, so the thing is that the format of the file you sent us is too new, and it’s not supported. So it can take a while for Shapr3D to handle those kinds of file formats. We actually support SLDPRT files format but the 2021 Solidworks version is still Beta and not a live version, but SLDPRT files imported from any solidworks live version will work seamlessly.


@Rita_Shapr3D Any idea when the 2021 software will be live and when S3D can use the files?

Sure! It looks like that the 2021 software will be live on 09.23.2020. :,EST%20on%20September%2023%2C%202020.

The live version exported files should sure work in Shapr3d.