Solved - Feature suggestions: Alignment & Distribution - Resolutions - Sketch Temporary Lock

There have been many Alignment suggestions.
This is with respect to separate Objects without reliance on Snapping to other Objects.

E.g., A Group/Row/Random Placement of Objects selected as a Group or Specific Selection, that are appropriate for Aligning in the desired direction, by various points each Body namely:

Horizontally or Vertically via:-
Base lowest portion
Centre both Horizontally or Vertically via appropriate selection
Topmost portion
Leftmost portion
Rightmost portion
Front and Back replacing Left and Right as appropriate
Special User Selected Point [although I have not seen this on any other Software Alignment system]
The intention being to make available all available appropriate Points for use in an Alignment set up.

This would enable, say, a row of Bodies representing the Alphabet to be set on a straight Base line, Lowercase requiring the User Selected Point Facility [when available].
Distribution, ‘speaks for itself’, and would also be useful for spacing this type of Body.

I marvel at the rapidity of the S3D Team jumping in and resolving User problems.
However much of this great work is not desalinated to the majority of Users when problem Files are sent to:

for attention by the S3D Team. Affected Users are apparently satisfied and some display their feelings, however the outcome remains a mystery for most of those interested.
I am not suggesting for one moment that the Private .shapr Files should be Posted Publicly
but it would be very useful to learn what could be done to effect a resolution is similar cases.
Understanding that time is in short supply moves toward dissemination would relieve Support workload by educating Users.

I do not understand the technicalities or implications of achieving this but the idea is to Lock or otherwise Attach a Sketch, for a temporary period, to an appropriate Body. Hopefully this could enable the alignment, in oddly angled situations, of two Bodies then on ‘Lock Release’ the Sketches return to their appropriate Grids.
Clearly this would require minimum possible Objects and their relevant Sketches.
If two such arrangements can be created on different Grid Planes and/or Construction Planes is there a possibility that Perpendicular, or any other form of Constraint, could be applied to a strategically placed Line in each arrangement? If so could, say, Tangent be deployed to Align these strategic Lines in both Sketch - Body Groups? Perhaps there is a simpler solution?
If there is nil alternative or future possibility of this please can you update any plans regarding any similar ongoing Alignment feature(s)?
Thanks for your time.

Hi Gelphyn, we have just released the 3d alignment feature with the app version 3.52 :slight_smile:

Simply update the app and let us know your feedback - here are more details about the feature: