Spydor Motor Module


I am retired from the toy industry and only 3 months new to Shapr3D. I’m also 3 months new to 3D modeling in general. Back in the '80’s I engineered the Spydor vehicle for the Masters of the Universe toy line. I recently reverse engineered the motor module inside Shapr3D. It was a bit of a challenge at first, but it became easier the more I practiced with Shapr3D.

The first video clip shows the assembled module and the 2nd clip shows the module components in a 3D exploded view.

Regards, Mike


These are really exceptional Mike. Keep up the good work!




Very nice, congratulations Mike☺️


Thanks guys, much appreciated. I recently got a 3D printer and am now doing a little bit of freelance work in the toy industry. I’m having a great time designing parts in Shapr3D and printing them. What a great pair of technologies to play with!



Curious which printer you are using?




Hi Tommy,

I did a fair amount of research over the holidays last year and was thinking about going entry level into 3D printing with a low end printer. Long story short, I decided to get a workhorse of a printer as my desire was to design and print components and minimize the tweaking that is so prevalent. I bought the LulzBot TAZ 6 and am very happy with it.

Regards, Mike


Looks like a good choice. Thanks for sharing your choice.




Wow is all I can say
Mike great work

Great to hear about your 3d printing please let us see the pics after printing

I have quite a few 3d printers as well but not a LulzBot




Hi Rob,

Thanks for the comment. I engineered that motor module back in the '80’s so it was rather easy to reverse engineer it into Shapr3D. The challenge was wrapping my head around creating the 3D models of each part as it is a very different workflow than what I was used to from decades ago.

I’m mostly using PLA on my printer at the moment. I’ve made a few parts in clear PETG with okay results. As I mentioned I recently entered the world of 3D printing and there is much to learn… and still lots of tweaking involved. I may or may not print parts from that module as I’m focused on designing parts for some colleagues, and, a desire to print with other materials. I’ll keep you posted though.

Regards, Mike


Greetings all,

I thought I’d share a couple of hires pictures of this gearbox. If any of you are curious about the design of this gearbox, here’a a short YouTube video that nicely demonstrates this toy from the early '80’s.

Regards, Mike


Hi Mike,
I’m just up the road from you in Camarillo. Looks like you are in Torrance. The airport there is one of the few in SoCal that I have never landed at. Perhaps when I get my plane out of maintenance, I can fly down and we can meet?


Hi Tommy,
That would be great. We can do lunch somewhere locally and talk shop (meaning 3D modeling, 3D printing, etc.)
Just give me a heads up on when you’d like to come by.