Standard lamp for reading

A client has a Victorian Glass Candle bowl that she wants incorporating in a floor mounted lamp ( a “standard lamp” in UK). Here are 5 concept designs I have created and rendered in Shapr3D. I haven’t modelled the illumination as that seems a bit too hard (if not impossible) in Shapr.

An image of a similarVictorian glass bowl.

Links to web share with designs
1: Bow
2: Cylinder
3: Bell tower
4: Table
5: Arch

Do you have a favourite?

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5 would be my favorite. Fun project.
I think they all need more weight in the base, given the glass and water weight.

Thanks for the comments. The base looks lightweight but is likely to be an old car disc rotor, but point taken, the visual balance doesn’t seem right and will be addressed. There won’t be water in the bowl!

They are all very nice, but the cylinder one is my favourite.