Sting from LOTR

Made this while sitting on the couch with my kids earlier, I love this program. Made it to print in 3 peices.



Maybe Vectric Carve or its big brother Aspire? Both are defined as 2.5D cut/carve programs used mainly with CNC routers in woodworking. I found Vectric, the company, very similar to Shapr3D in that they are very responsive to their forum members and it’s brought them great success.

@Devvon that looks great. What is your print bed size on your 3D printer?
Mine is 203mm X 254MM X 203mm

Haven’t got it yet, supposed to be shipping in a few days.

This is mine

Yeah, don’t think the wife will let me get one of those heh, though she did say if I wanted to start a business I could, just not sure the market is there for me.

Loads of market opportunities.
Have a talk to larger home builders, architects and self builders.
I can build a model of each floor 8" X 10" that sit on top of each other and even a roof. I charge £100 per floor.
Because my printer is in full colour I can print the bricks on the outer walls and printed wallpaper on the inside. I print the furniture on the inside to give scale to the model.

The cost to me is 10% of my build cost so each floor cost me £10 plus my time and takes about 5/6 hours to print.

It is surprising how many go back to the drawing board with the design to tweak room sizes or doorway positions and it is a much lower cost than changing on site.

Some larger architect offices employ an IT team to change flat 2D plans into 3D models for clients but most small ones outsource if they even offer the option.

This is great! How did you do your etching?

Just drew them and offset the face negative into the blade.