STL object and intersecting plane

But why can Shapr display the cross section on screen in a different color if its undisplayable?

Another thing accidentally switching from control to fit spline should not happen by shortcut-key.

Now I am confused! I thought you have no cross-section-face.
If I apply cross-section to the occulus-file there is no difference in colour:

There is a cross-section, but because of the absence of volume there is no cross-section-surface displayed.
But again: Use the File I provided based on the STEP-File and you will see rendered black edges, due to the wall-thickness.

More is not to expect.
Cheers Matt

I needed the STL as it was more exact I would only have taken the STEP if I could have directly modify it. I managed to do the job but it was not nice.
Things I encountered just as feedback to make Shapr better:

  • no indication for section view except a minuscule tiny icon. Items or parts don’t display and you are baffled why. There is a well detectable indication needed that you are ghosting parts of your workspace, impossible to make visible by the eye icons.
  • working with keyboard shortcut Spline “I” will switch between between fit and control which is bad. In 90% of the time users will use one method continuously. The switch makes you set several points in control mode sometimes and makes you delete the again after you fail drawing the desired spline. This is because you swith back and forth between setting the point and moving it. So you have to enter and exit spline often and there you accidentally switch from fit to control as you are focused on the spline. To remove this easy pitfall is more important than the seldom case of switching back and forth from fit to control. Or just give fit and control different shortcut keys.
  • working with STLs is a pain in the ass. I understand you can not just model meshes nor convert them but somehow help with how they are displayed on the screen or make it possible to spinkle the outside with control points in a desired density. That would just get STLs out of the dead end.
  • eye icon on folder does not switch on/off all content which would be desireble. Instead it defines if the content can be switched on or off visible. This is strange behaviour. At least make an option how folder visibility works. Right now I end up clicking a dozen times to make complete folder content visible or not.

Me, knowing that STL-Files are made from facetts that are only an approximation of the source-data, doubts that!

I don’t know which version of shapr you are working with, but:

It is only switching between modes when the spline-function is already active - if you dont want to switch modes: just draw your spline instead of pushing the “I”-button a second time!
Have you tried using the command-search-mode instead of hotkeys, yet? When you hit “S” the desired splinefunction is just a single click away - maybe that works better for you?
BTW.: I would like to peer-review the statistics that your 90%-therory is based on. :wink:

Basically that is all already there, unless you are working with crappy files!
And let me clarify something: STL-Files were never meant for exchanging CAD-data and/or working on them in regards of modelling! This format was invented for exporting CAD-Data to a format that Slicers can work with and generate machine-code (g-code) from it! In the early days STereoLithography was the big thing in additive manufacturing - that is what the STL stands for.
That being said: STL is a dead-end, because it is designed to be a dead-end.
Plus: It is not only a dead-end - it is also dead, because there are way better file-formats for the task (.3mf & .amf). PLUS: Pruser Slicer now is capable of direct-STEP-Import. Sooner or later no one will use STL-files anymore, because there is no reason to do so!

Trying to “work” with STL-Files in 3D-CAD is like eating soup with a fork - it is just the wrong tool!

The opportunity Shapr3D gives to import and use STL-Data is great and it works great as long the data is from good quality. To be honest: The data you worked with is total crap! And you can’t make gold from shit.

I would highly recommend the Shapr3D team not to put any more effort into the STL-topic. Under normal circumstances it works very well as it is (plus: it is a dying file-format) - you, Peter, were just unlucky with the quality of data.

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OSX latest Version and there is no Section view sign there. Maybe its white on white instead white on light grey?
The thing is in this case I have no other option than use an STL. I can not rebuild that organic controller.

The only apple-HW I own is the iPad - can’t tell how it is or how it is supposed to be. You could try darkmode, maybe it is visible then?

Fair enough, but you have to admit that you are using Shapr outside of its functional scope by using irregular data - thats okay and the community is always happy to help (at least I am).

It becomes a little problematic when you call for new features in order to solve problems that are caused by your irregular use of the software.

See it that way: The software-development is a resource that is doing its magic to deliver new or enhanced functionality and features to the community.
The Shapr3D team has its ear very close to the community - we should be grateful for that, but every member of the community should , in return to that favour, be very mindful with feature-requests, because the development-resources shall benefit the community as widely as possible (And the part of the community handling crappy STLs is definitely a very minor part of the community).

Or in other words: The development-resource is limited and there are a lot things in progress and requested by the community, that are way more important than the handling of crappy STL-files. Can you see the point I am trying to make here?

In the name of the community: Please stop complaining about the issues you have because of crappy-STP-problem. We are here to help you in a constructional manner - let’s focus more on solving your problems then on “why does Shapr do this and that this or that way… I would like it to do it the other way around”.

No offence, but I had to express that!

Cheers Matt

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On macOS, you can find the section View button in the title bar, as well as the View menu in the macOS menu, or you can search for it using the Command search function.

I hope it helps.

Hi Lacy,
it is about this message:

I see it with active section view on Windows and the iPad, but Peter misses that on MacOS.
Cheers Matt

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Strange, it should be there:

Which app and macos version is used?

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Its there my fault just didn’t see on large monitor. Any plans to give writings some contrast? Barelly readable error messages. But I guess the workaround is the dark theme…