Stop ⌘W from closing the application

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On the iPad with attached keyboard, when hitting ⌘W, Shapr exits. This has been a problem for me on many occasions. Primarily when exporting items and I want to give them a meaningful name. After selecting the pre-populated name I intend to hit ⌘A to select all the text so I can type the name I want to use. I know it is my user error, “fat-fingering” when I hit the W instead of the A and poof-Shaper closes.

On the iPad, different applications handle ⌘W differently. In Safari, it will close a tab; if there are no more open tabs, that window is closed. In (Apple) Mail, ⌘W will sometimes act like hitting the cancel button, sometimes it will exit the application, sometimes it does nothing—but usually it “feels right.” Granted, in these cases, I am intentionally hitting that key combination.

In Shapr, when I’m well into the menus to select what I need to do: Export / 3D Print / 3MF / cursor to text field and wrongly hit ⌘W, I really don’t want the application to close. If it closed one level the menus and back out one level, that would be OK (instead of typing name for my 3mf file, now back at selecting between STL and 3mf), but please do not close the application.

This also applies when renaming an Item in the sidebar.

My preference would be to never commit that user error. My second preference would be to have Shapr trap ⌘W and have it do nothing, or back out one level.

This is not a show-stopper. Just a user error frustration reducer.

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I have NEVER seen cmd + w force quit an application like it does on Shapr on iPad. That feels like an anti-pattern

This problem persists in iPadOS 17.1 and Shapr3d 5.490.

When in a project, ⌘ w closes the application.
However, when in the forum, ⌘ w close the forum and returns to the Shapr3d entry screen (recents).