Hello to all your team.
I started several years ago with Via Cad 2D / 3D on my computer. After several hours of practice, I started to do 3D to complete training to my agricultural dealers. A few weeks ago with my friend’s iPad Pro, I tested several 3D programs.

Finally Sharp 3D is the one I chose. The tutorials are very well done and explain all the functions. Simplicity is the high quality and the speed to produce a drawing is extraordinary.
I followed and practiced all the tutorials and I still watch them because there are several functions to keep in mind. For me practice I did a tractor and an agricultural sprayer and I did not have any problem.

After looking at the comments on your forum, this week I bought an iPad Pro 12.9 A12X and the new Apple Pencil. I took the subscription for a year. Sharp and iPad Pro 12.9 are great tools for 3D drawings.
Daniel 71 years old
The translation is done with Google


Shapr3-D is not a 3D modeling app! it’s a game amazing and exciting game. Welcome to a whole new amazing world! Btw, I’m a pro user, not a member of the team.


Hi Daniel,
Thanks for sharing your experience. Why not include screenshots of your designs here? What language did you originally use to write your post; French? In 1 week, I too will be 71…