Hills, angles and planes

Hey community,

I know I will feel pretty stupid after someone gives the answer but how do I trace this in shapr3d?
If I do it from top view I can get all the change in angles but cannot give the 4 degree hills at the beginning. If I do it from side view I will have the 4 degree hill (that become flat where I wrote break) but impossible to go to top view to continue the drawing giving the angles.
My main issue here is that I can’t start a line in one view and keep drawing from the end of that line in another view.
I hope I make sense here.

You can create both the side view and the top view and just do the intersection:

Thank you. Anybody else on another way to do this?

Sorry to keep bothering you guys with this problem but I haven’t found a stable solution yet, could I get more help please?

I think what @SM1 suggested can easily work.
To be honest, I don’t quite follow your wording on your initial post. Here’s a way to achieve what I think you want and do it in steps.

Thank you for the help. That would work if it would not make my measurements longer. I can’t figure out how to keep all my measurements with a 4 degree hill at the beginning that becomes flat.

Here is the file. All dimension need to stay the same in the hill that is 4 degree (up to the line) then flat.
trouble design.shapr (58.9 KB)

Is this what you want to do?

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Looks like it, the part you moved down is going up 4 degrees but looks like it. How do I proceed?

I made the path in two segments. The 2nd segment was rotated 4° up and then down. Your choice.
If you desire to have the path change heights as in a stair step, just break up the path in more segments and move/rotate accordingly.
Hope this helps.