Tab behavior while editing ellipses

[On an iPad Pro with 16.5]

It’s a minor usability issue - but I noticed that if I drag an ellipse and I hit the tab key repeatedly cycle between the two axis’ radius editing fields. But as soon as I edit one of the axis’ radius length - the sketch updates and the other field disappears.

If you’ve tabbed to edit on of the axis radius length and you don’t tab again when your edit is finished you can use the trackpad or pencil to focus on the other axis.

Another somewhat annoying ellipse editing behavior - If you use the blue check button in the numerical editor pop up - you don’t get a chance to edit the other axis.

You should be able to tab into and directly enter a number then tab again to edit the other number and hit tab again to continue cycling through both axis editing until you hit return to accept both (right?)

Haven’t tested this on other multi-dimensional shapes - but it would be nice to be able to use keyboard navigation (tab) and direct entry in each case.