Short time with Sketchup

This is not about a creation. Just a kudos or compliments to the Shapr3D.

I started using the product because it was the only one available for the IPad. I think I may have started when it was in beta testing. It’s grown quite a bit since then. iPad functionality is what I wanted because I spent too many years doing CAD drawings while trapped behind a computer. Shapr3D finally became complete when they added the 2D drawing functionality.

I had the insane idea to switch to SketchUp recently. Took me a month to learn only to find out that I couldn’t create 2D drawings in the IPad version. The SketchUp people were kind enough to refund my money and I’m happy to make Shapr3D my home again. Near miss with a disaster.

Thank you so much for building a great product.

Mike O’Neal