Testers wanted: we are refining the pencil interface


Our fault - poorly explained. :expressionless:


I would be happy to give it a go!


I have added you. Check your emails for the Testflight invite.


Thanks Istvan - I’ve monkeyed with it some. I hope to get more time later today, and will report back.


I would like to try it, thanks.


Done, check your mail.


OK, so based on your feedback (and on some user tests we did) I think it is quite obvious, that this solution is way better. We will just have to fine-tune it, and fix the bugs. Thanks guys. <3


The more I use it the more I Like it. I almost forgot I used to have to select spline. This is so much more the Shapr way of doing things; clean, fast and intuitive!


I’ve been playing around with shapr3d on the ipad pro we have at work. So I didn’t have it over the weekend.

I’m not sure I have enough experience with either sketching method to really speak to it, but lifting off to draw a new line or curve seems basically the same as pressing to me. And by lifting off, what should be closed contours sometimes end up being disconnected at the corners. It might be slightly more intuitive than pressing to start sketching though.


The problem we are trying to address here is that many people have issues with pressing and releasing the pencil. Press-release, nope… Press-release, nope nope. Press-release, dammit, I gonna play angry birds instead of designing a rocket ship.

And what we saw is that they can use this approach, and for more experienced users this is superior or at least as good compared to the current method.


Yup. Just my 2 cents.


I would like to test. Thanks John


I installed it but have been out of pocket. I will give it some time today and give you feedback. Thanks again so much.



I added you, check your mails.


It certainly does take getting used to after using the “old” way since day 1. But having said that it does seem to allow faster sketching. I am finding the switch from line to spline a little unpredictable, but maybe I just need a little more time at it.


Drawing is much more intuitive now, but would like to see snap to points. John


What do you mean by snap to points? It does snap to end, and mid points of curves, and to intersections of sketches, and to grid points. What else would you like to see?


Is it too late to test the new version?


Not at all! I have sent you an invitation.


I just got my pencle and would love to participate