Testers wanted: we are refining the pencil interface


If you guys had some time to play around with it, just feel free to comment your thoughts here.


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Hmmm. I see where you are going with this. It is quicker to start drawing, but then you still have to press and hold the pencil down to extrude and to fillet or bevel. I am not sure that this is speeding up workflow at all. I will keep practicing with it - need to get used to not pressing and holding when I am drawing! Will be interesting to see what others think. Andy


Many people had difficulties with the press-release mechanism.

It took me about 30 minutes to get used to the new one, but now I can’t use the old one :slight_smile:


OK - getting the hang of it now - much quicker for drawing complex shapes on the grid - really like this. In fact you don’t have to hold for too long to fillet and chamfer so getting faster at this. Suspect I’m going to like it once I get the hang of it! Andy


Really getting the hang of it now - doesn’t really take any longer to press and hold to fillet. I think you are right Istvan - I think I’ve already reached the point where I don’t want to go back to the old one! For first time users this should make life a lot easier - as you say, quite a few people don’t like the press and click of the old interface. Well done guys! Andy


First thoughts. A billion times better for drawing. One negative is that extruding becomes a little more difficult, seeing as I don’t do that nearly as much as drawing I like the compromise. I do think you should find a better way to let the user know they are in the extrude mode. I like the noise that used to happen. (the arrows that pop up seem to be in the wrong orientation a lot of the time, and I think there is a better visual way to do that.

the other big difference I see is that you really have to do a lot of contact pencil, draw line, remove contact. This was different where it use to be keep pencil touching all the time. takes some getting used to, but lets see how it feels after some time. (i’m finding it hard to continue a single shape sometimes and I end up with non-connected shapes)

also not sure if it’s the new mode or what but changing from straight line mode to curved mode seems like it requires more shaking on the pencil now. (in draw mode)


I never really liked the shake to switch from line to curve function - but it does seem a bit harder to make this work now. Just noticed a slight odd behaviour when drawing circles - sometimes the little white control circles do not appear and I just get the yellow disc with the numerical box. (If I tap on the numerical box and enter a value, then the little white circles appear!). May just be me, so will be interesting to see if anyone else gets this effect. Andy


They never appear (hopefully) until you select the curve. Otherwise you would always have to tap on an empty area to continue drawing (because otherwise you would move the end point of the curve)


OK - got it now. Although the little circles do seem to appear sometimes even without tapping the ring!


Can you propose something? Actually we don’t like that either.


@OCD @Masterjack @Shalan @Tkl3dog @Girlsdadx3 @p5th @jmrart any thoughts? Could you try it? How did it work out for you?


Hi Istvan - I’ve been playing around with the new way of drawing and like several others have stated it did take a little getting used to but I now find I like it better than the original way of drawing. My only frustration is that it seems to jump from drawing straight lines to curves a little random. I wonder if you can tweak things so you have to be a little more intentional in drawing curves. Otherwise I think I do really like it better.

On a side note while playing around I drew the attached objects. Interestingly, there are two objects that I can not extrude. The lines are all attached but you can see that the objects can not be extruded. I will continue to play and keep you posted.


Hi Istvan - The new format is great laying down the lines are smooth it took a few minutes to get used to not clicking but I am used to it now. For changing from a line to a curve I noticed that the shake still works. This may be a bit confusing for new users maybe this could be tweaked to allow for a more natural straight to curve movement. I also discovered that I can quickly create a shape with separate line sections then tap and manipulate the end point of lines to connect to make a shape not sure if it was intended but a neat discovery. Sometimes I make a line or two when intending to extrude a shape perhaps a notable click or color dot to indicate when you are in the push pull activation mode.Maybe the arrow indicator can be enhanced to help. Every once in a while if making a line fast two or three clear dots appear and the app crashes. However when I restart the app everything is saved and work can be continued. Lastly I have noticed this before but I work through it If I create a sketch and closed shape in the front ortho view if I switch out to perspective the shape is just closed line no longer filled. I work around this by going back to the front then tilting it a wee bit then I am able to extrude. Has anyone else noticed this? All in all a great job implementing this and my vote is to fine tune and keep it. Thanks


One other thing I found is that if you are manipulating an old line (when the circle is shown at the end of the line) you can’t continue drawing from that point, you only move that. meaning you have to draw from the other side of the shape. Not a huge deal, but annoying sometimes.

as for how to visually change the cursor I think one of the things we could do is to either change the color of the object about to be extruded, do some kind of cool shockwave animation letting you know you can now move the pencil, add back in the sound that used to happen, or do some kind of vibration (not even sure if this is possible)

let me think on it some more.


Just tap on an empty area to make the end points disappear.


Hi Istvan, I was away for the weekend and only a little time to try it out. At first I found it difficult to figure out. I was so used to the other way. After trying it more like you and others have said i’m liking it more. I will now be able to work with it more now I’m back.
One thing I did notice. I was finding it hard to make chamfer and fillets because I would go to make a chamfer and wind up drawing a line. In the process I found what seems to be a bug. I make a fillet on a edge and all OK. I make a chamfer and everything OK unless I change the value. Changing the value on the fillet works fine. Changing the value on a chamfer and to turns into a fillet. The first 2 images is what happened with Chamfer and second two with Fillet. ~ John


Depends on the sign of the value. Negative values result a chamfer positive values result fillets.


Now I see, duh!. I guess I have resized a chamfer so little It wasn’t occurring to me the negative = chamfer positive = fillet. :upside_down: