Thanks Apple, Thanks Shapr3D guys


This is what Shapr3D is doing with us
Useful people make a better life for all
Spending most of the day with Shapr3D inspecting an intracranial stent


I agree. I have been using Shapr3D on my new iPad Pro since November 8, 2018. Got the iPad on November 7. Here are my stats but for 10 days. Other than for an occasional email, Google by way of Safari and photos I only use the iPad for Shapr3D.


The same is true for mine as shown below for my last 10 days😁
But I appreciate and use iPad Pro for many things, like Pages, Keynote and Numbers, they are fantastic, they are their field’s Shapr3D (I almost abandoned MS Words, Excel and PowerPoint), Notes,Photos and screenshots are critical for me and iPad is the best for doing so, Safari and web and almost anything which could be done without using a truck(laptop or desktop PC)! Also I do scanning with iPad regularly.


I have abandoned MS Office for personal use a long time ago. I have been using Libre Office as it’s abailable for MacOS and Linux too.

I also use the screenshot feature and love using the Notes app. But Shhapr3D is my key reason for an iPad.


Yes these are my daily using apps. I do 90% of my professional work with iPad Pro.