Thanks Apple, Thanks Shapr3D guys

This is what Shapr3D is doing with us
Useful people make a better life for all
Spending most of the day with Shapr3D inspecting an intracranial stent
image image


The same is true for mine as shown below for my last 10 days😁
But I appreciate and use iPad Pro for many things, like Pages, Keynote and Numbers, they are fantastic, they are their field’s Shapr3D (I almost abandoned MS Words, Excel and PowerPoint), Notes,Photos and screenshots are critical for me and iPad is the best for doing so, Safari and web and almost anything which could be done without using a truck(laptop or desktop PC)! Also I do scanning with iPad regularly.

Yes these are my daily using apps. I do 90% of my professional work with iPad Pro.

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That’s a great backdrop Joseph. Did you create that? If so, what app(s) did you use? I do most of my work on my iMac Retina and of course the iPad Pro for 3D modeling. It’s a great workflow to export STL files, photos, and video clips from the iPad to my iMac via AirDrop.

Regards, Mike

Yes Mike that’s an excellent wallpaper but it’s not mine, it’s one of the default wallpapers of the 2018 iPad Pro :slightly_smiling_face: you could reach it out by going to your settings app, wallpaper


Is that your iPad? On the top left the time is 00:30. Also the calendar icon isn’t the default calendar icon. Just wanted to point that out.


Yes, it is. What’s wrong with the time 00:30 ?! Yes the calendar is not the default one.


But like how did you even get it to that?! It’s cool but weird

Another little thing I noticed is above the calendar icon the notification shape is an oval, not a circle. Was it photoshopped?

I’m not sure understand you well! This is another calendar not the iOS default app dear friend sth probably you’re seeking for!!! I can delete it if it’s that weird and annoying to you LOL :laughing:

Also I hide the number over the calendar icon!!! Was it photoshopped?!?! :smile: