The spline tool doesnt work!

Whenever i try to use the spline tool i can only add one control point and then no matter how hard i try to press it i cant get another one down. Please tell me of this is a bug or not or if it has anything to do with the sensitivity!

Hello, I think you should change your spline settings.
First go to spline line.

Make sure that you have selected spline type (Control). Hope this will help.

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No, my problem affects all types of splines and i can’t figure out why i can only put down one spline.

I have had the same problem, sometimes it works sometimes not. I ended up adding a construction plane and activating it. Then I used the line, curve tool to make my spline. I can clean up the geometry a little easier, and save it to a folder in case I need to modify it later. If you zoom out then back in always make sure to reactivate just as a precaution.