Upgrade to 3.01 and problem with spline tool

I have just upgraded to 3.01 and I’m still not able to use the spline tool and the control points.
The spline line is not smooth and I see the control points, but I’m not able to use them to modify the spline line .
Thank you in advance for your help.

Can you post a video or a screenshot?

Can you walk through these steps and see if this works for you?

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to Education / Learn the basics / Tasks / Spline
  3. And follow the instructions

Created a short video explaining the steps above.

Thank you for the quick answer,
I went through your instruction and the problem is still the same.
I am able to draw the spline, but unable to modify it with the controls points.
It is not the first time that I’m using that tool, it was working fine in version 2. When I upgrade to version 3.0 at the beginning there were no problems, and suddenly I lost the ability to use the controls points. In version 3.1 I am still not able to use the controls points.
Concerning the fluidity of the line that problem appear with version 3.0.
Also here’s a screenshot for review.

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As it was mentioned in the upgrade video, now you have to select the control points to move them.

To move the control point, now you have to:

  1. SELECT on the control point first (dont move it yet)
  2. wait until the pont becomes BLUE (highlighted in blue)
  3. now you can MOVE the control point
  4. tap anywhere to DESELECT the point (becomes WHITE again)

So now you are only able to move control points if they are SELECTED and HIGHLIGHTED BLUE. Can you try it this way again?

Check the video again, it shows you when points are BLUE and MOVEABLE:

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Thank you for the quick answer,

That resolve my problem.

P.s What about the smoothness of the line?


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Great, happy that it works now.

The underlying math is correct, so the line is smooth (as far as the math goes), it’s just the visual representation that shows it not so smooth.

We will probably increase the visualization (with better tessellation) in a future release, so the splines will look more smooth.